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Designing solutions

Evolution Surgical is an Australian owned company specialising in spinal fusion implants and custom instrumentation. We work closely with surgeons to design bespoke solutions to an endless range of clinical challenges and surgical preferences. Our vision is to play a key role in the ever-evolving spinal industry, we are committed to investing in leading technologies and innovative designs that continue to improve patient outcomes.

Our Values


We are constantly evolving our systems and implants to adapt to new research and emerging technologies.

Our Values


Our implants are designed to fit an extensive range of anatomical variations leading to great patient outcomes.

Our Values


We are passionate about working as a team to provide leading service by maintaining a coherent and efficient culture among our employee’s, our partners and our clients.

Our Values


We pride ourselves on being an agile company, we are able to provide timely solutions to the challenges of surgical procedures.

Our Products

Advancement through innovation

By addressing surgeon challenges our intuitive instrumentation is partnered with an extensive range of implants, helping provide better surgeon experiences and patient outcomes.

Our Products


Our focus on intuitively designed products and improving patient outcomes has led to the development of products such as:

  • Cervical cages available as a standalone system or as a plate and cage construct
  • A posterior cervical screw fixation system with streamlined instrumentation
  • A versatile cervical retractor offering the ability to be bed mounted
Our Products


With a desire to challenge the status quo, our thoracolumbar products have been engineered to provide ease of use. These include:

  • Posterior (PLIF), Anterior (ALIF) and Transforaminal (TLIF) approach cages for the lumbar spine in a wide range of footprints and lordotic angles
  • A pedicle screw system facilitating both minimally invasive and open surgery
Our Products


Complementing our thoracolumbar system, our powerful reduction tools are capable of correcting severe deformity. We provide implants including:

  • Sublaminar banding technology
  • Anterior scoliosis staples and monoaxial screws
  • Comprehensive posterior fixation products including hooks, uniplanar and polyaxial pedicle screws
  • Expandable vertebrectomy cages with interchangeable footplates
Our Products


We provide a synthetic bioactive glass to aid in spinal fusion when partnered with our implants.
It has been widely used in neurosurgery and orthopaedic surgery for its osteostimulative benefits.

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