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About Evolution Surgical

Evolution Surgical is a pioneering Australian MedTech company dedicated to advancing the field of spine surgery. Our commitment to innovation is driven by our passion for improving patient care and patient value, ensuring that all our technologies have a meaningful, positive impact on surgical outcomes.

Young, agile & highly innovative

Our Story

We play a unique role in the Australian MedTech ecosystem in that we can design, manufacture, and nationally distribute our technologies. This full control over our products facilitates close partnership with our customers, enabling us to quickly, safely, and effectively act on feedback.

Our focus is entirely on spine technology, offering a very broad portfolio of devices in this category from implants and instruments, enabling technologies, and biologics. All our technologies are developed through close collaboration with Australian clinicians, ensuring strong design input from their expertise. Additionally, we foster partnerships with several leading Universities and other academic institutions across the country to further enhance our innovations through collaborative efforts. 

Design, Manufacture, and Direct Distribution

Our Process

At Evolution Surgical, we have made significant investment into our regulatory and manufacturing capabilities to ensure complete control over the full medical device lifecycle: Design, Manufacture, and Direct Distribution. This is enabled by our stringent regulatory and quality framework, compliant to ISO-13485 and ISO-9001 standards, as well as our own internal protocols for quality control. 

Whilst we only focus on one surgical category, we have the capabilities to do everything within it. Our organisational infrastructure allows for a surgeon to provide feedback one day, and our engineers to be developing a solution the next. We are dedicated to continuous improvement, with many of our devices going through several iteration and release cycles.

Our quality management is regulated by the TGA, and Bureau Veritas, and we are members of, and active participants in the Medical Technology Association of Australia.

Supporting Australia

Our Impact

Evolution Surgical has a positive impact on thousands of lives every year across Australia and New Zealand. Our technologies are used to help patients suffering from many serious pathologies included degenerative disc disease, trauma, tumours, and deformity. We offer a wide range of products that can be tailored to suit surgical needs and preferences.

We are Aussie MedTech, and we are proud of our contributions to the local sovereign capabilities. Each year we invest significantly into local R&D, we proudly pay all our taxes in Australia in turn supporting the public health system, and we create Australian jobs in this sector of critical importance. Evolution Surgical is a proud sponsor or several Australian Societies and we routinely provide fellowship funding to support local surgeons and local fellowship programmes. When you support Evolution Surgical, you are supporting Aussie MedTech.

Our Team

At Evolution Surgical, we are not generalists — we are specialists! Every member of our team is passionate about advancing spine surgery in Australia.

Our team comprises a diverse and innovative group of individuals working in product development, clinical support, and operational specialities, all united with an excitement for advancing spine surgery. We believe that this focus drives our culture of innovation and delivers the best possible outcomes for patients.

The Evolution Surgical leadership team brings a wealth of experience and expertise to our organization. Get to know the leaders driving our mission forward. 


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Do you have a passion for advancing Aussie MedTech? As a rapidly growing organisation, we are always on the lookout for passionate people who want to join our team.

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